In the world of Tik Tok and social media, it’s hard to stick to your guns. Newcomer on the pop-rock scene DYNAMYTE doesn’t seem to have a problem with that however, as her new track ‘Show Me You’ pledges.


It might seem a little ironic that this soulful banger about the trappings of social media comes from someone with as much Tik Tok fame as this woman has, but it’s evident from Dynamyte’s platforms that she practices what she preaches. How to play ukulele, how to improve your singing, how to write a song – these are the kind of topics Dynamyte covers on her social media, and it’s what has gained this young talent a fanbase as big as the one she has. 



Authenticity and honesty are the name of the game here – Dynamye goes so far as to play the instruments on her tracks as well as boasting the song writing credits. This is a true rock star with staying power, sass and an infectious attitude which seems to say, at every given moment, “come on, it’ll be fun! Just Show Me You