Through trials and tribulations, music has always been along for the ride in Shoshana’s life. After years of losing touch and finding her way back to her passion for music, Shoshana is ready to share with the world. Her album Pretty Liar encapsulates her life and the events that altered and transformed her into who she is today. Shoshana shares parts of herself that are both real and imaginary. She shares stories of other women who have struggled and suffered.

Pretty Liar is both uplifting and dark. There are moments of sunshine and happiness and there are dark stories of battling one’s demons. Shoshana tells stories of her life through each song on the album. Shoshana grew up in the classical music scene having a concert pianist for a parent and having all 3 siblings being musicians. Shoshana ventured away for a while, pursuing a career in modeling and acting in Broadway as well as studying psychology for a little bit until rediscovering music. Shoshana immersed herself completely in the music industry by joining bands throughout NYC and performing as their lead singer. Shortly, she grew tired of singing for others and wanted to sing for herself. Thus, Pretty Liar was written, recorded, and released. Pretty Liar is composed of upbeat and relatively positive instrumentation and melody, but the lyrics shift from light to dark throughout the album. Shoshana grew up surrounded by many great influences and it is clear to see these inspirations in her music. Many of her guitar melodies seem to draw similarities to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. In her song “When I’m Gone” there exists a guitar medley that sounds very similar to something Hendrix would do. She also incorporates many synth sounds that introduce a slightly experimental sound that Hendrix or Zeppelin would incorporate into their works.

One of the most influenced songs is “The Electric Show” which shares many similar features that The Beatles incorporated. The little intricate sounds and details in this song can be compared to many songs released by The Beatles as they frequently experimented with their music by adding extra sounds and instruments that gave each release depth and resonance. Shoshana’s lyricism in this final song even mimics the way in which The Beatles sang their songs with this mystic allure to them. Pretty Liar showcases true humanity as Shoshana uses the things that have happened to her to write stories about her life and share them with the world. She talks about the ups and downs, death and birth, happiness and sadness; all the things that come with being human she shares. Pretty Liar is a beautiful story told through various levels of intimacy and emotions.


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