by: Melanie Gomez

Shawna Virago is a solo anti-folk/folk-punk acoustic artist from San Francisco, California who recently released “Gender Armageddon” off of her latest album, Heaven Sent Delinquent via Tranimal Records.

Being part of the transgender community, Shawna is proud to tell her story through all ten of her inspiring songs that articulate the escape by a cast of outsiders, queer rebels and loners. Each song tells a story, including the potential violence transpeople face every day.

“These are the stories of my generation. A generation of transgender people who came out long before the internet, before transgender celebrities and reality TV stars. Before anybody gave a shit about us,” says Shawna.

With raw and rebellious lyrics within the track “Gender Armageddon,” you can get a feel for the world of someone who just wants to be free of the pain. Shawna sings, “You said you were so afraid to lie in your bed / You had too many cruel strangers sleeping in your head / Last night I dreamed we stole a car and smashed through the gates of heaven,” hinting that people shouldn’t have to sleep worrying about what other people think, or how they will treat you.

But Shawna didn’t just start sharing her story, she’s been telling her story since the early 1990’s as a powerful and inspiring transwoman. While watching Shawna, her performances are usually a mix of original songs, storytelling and standup.

You can find “Gender Armageddon” on Heaven Sent Delinquent, available on vinyl, CD, iTunes, Amazon, and streaming SoundCloud.

Check out the video for “Gender Armageddon” below:

1. Bright Green Ideas
2. Gender Armageddon
3. The Ballad of Miss Suzy Texas
4. Last Night
s Sugar
5. Heaven Sent Delinquent

6. Burnout
7. Anniversary Song
8. The Pleasure Car
9. Holy Rollers
10. Lands of Guns and Honey

Shawna Virago:
Twitter: @ShawnaVirago