You may have heard of Shaun Johnson + the Big Band Experience before. He’s part of the nationally known quartet, Tonic Sol-fa, a group that’s sold nearly 2 million albums independently. In 2016, he felt he needed more so he created his own group full of talented instrumentalists around the Midwest. His goal was to create a contemporary and modern band that honored Sinatra with a touch of Bublé while adding his own flair to it. And thus, Shaun Johnson and the Big Band Experience was born with the likes of Aaron Moe (Alto Saxophone), Jeff Carver (Trumpet), Theo Brown (Piano), Jim Bierma (Bass), David Stanoch (Percussion), Ronny Leow (Tenor Saxophone), Dave Stamps (Trombone), Dave Budimer (Trombone), and Conrad Miska (Tenor Saxophone).

Shaun Johnson’s new single, “All Because of You” is a pop ballad and also a beautifully moving song that can hold its weight in lyrics and music. While it has more of an upbeat rhythm and catchy melody, the lyrics tell another story.  He’s poetic and deliberate with his lyrics lead into the infectious hooks. He has this ability to give emotions power and meaning for those who may not completely understand and builds on that meaning for those that do. He is able to make these strong feelings tangible, like you can hold it in your hand. Johnson’s album, Made For Her, which comes out September 16, 2021 was inspired by all the amazing women in his life.

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