The transcending charisma and talent of Persian-American songstress SHAB are present more than ever with her collaboration with The Martinez Twins on ‘Music To My Heart.’

With the warm color tones of the accompanying ‘Music To My Heart’ music video, SHAB sells the uplifting, love-charged upcoming season of Spring. Her hypnotizing vocals and a perfect match for Grammy-winning producing genius Damon Sharpe, who’s worked with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez.

‘Music To My Heart’ carries the force of a pop anthem ready to fill up dance floors; she draws on her own romantic torment with a feel-good hook. This infectious energy extends SHAB’s English language debut ‘Spell On Me,’ which gained over two million Youtube views.

After SHAB’s trans-Atlantic move over to America by herself at the age of 14, as a woman living in a foreign country, she has never stopped working hard and following her dream of being a pop music star. Throughout her journey, which also involved learning and perfecting the English language, SHAB intends to entertain but with purpose; to spread hope and joy.

‘Music To My Heart’ is out now, and let the SHAB magic enchant your ears and soul.