Sepsiss engages in a fiery aural strike on the hard rock metallic gleam of “Yesterday Isn’t Me.” The vocals feature prominently and, in fact, serve as the very essence of the whole piece. Riffs rage through, for this is a song that needs to speed on through. By far, the highlight comes from the commanding vocals that soar above the rest of the din to create something truly entrancing. Never holding anything back, Sepsiss employs a wall of sound approach, one that crushes the listener into submission.

They waste no time in getting the song started, blazing out with all cylinders firing. Everybody in the ensemble listens to each other, accentuating each other’s strengths. Over the course of the work, they bring to mind old-school aspects of hard rock, sidestepping trends for a much more timeless sound. Grooves evolve to become sheer forces of nature, for there is an intensity to how the work plays out. By ensuring that every single element is given plenty of room to roam, it all has a grandeur to it.

“Yesterday Isn’t Me” features an exquisite array of chops, from the drums’ thundering hit to the vocals’ siren-call, giving it an intensity that completely overwhelms.

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