See Your Shadow comes in swinging with their latest single, “Showdown” (Out September 24th), a rough and tumble folksy rock piece that’s about facing up and standing your ground when you’re under pressure and needing to watch out for yourself and the ones around you.

“Showdown” was apparently written in just a single day, for a competition. The given task for the band was to come up with a piece that had a poker related element to it, as the competition holder himself was a competitive poker player. One day in a locked hotel room, and the result was “Showdown”.

Interestingly, the final product that we get today comes to us after some changes, and it’s got barely anything to really do with poker anymore. Now, it’s all about standing your ground and fighting for what’s right in a showdown. Quite the jump, though it’s still all very fun stuff and performed very well.

See Your Shadow maintains their unique sound, a clever mashup of rock and folk with powerful vocal performances. Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman and J. Richard Murray have always had a solid grasp on the fundamentals of their musical style, which makes “Showdown” a fun piece of music to listen to.

The song kicks off with strong guitar riffs and some steady drums, as the vocals pierce through. It slowly builds up to the chorus, a triumphant blast of confidence and rage as the instruments continue blaring in the background. It’s not an incredibly complex song, but it’s upbeat and strong enough to carry itself just fine with its simplicity.

In terms of songwriting, it’s also nothing too crazy. What does make the song work is the singer’s delivery, full of swagger and bravado that makes a playground school brawl seem like a monumental fight. In this particular case, less really is more as the song paints vivid images with ease.

“Showdown” is an overall fun tune that’s just a good time, through and through. It’s not trying to revolutionize music, but that doesn’t take away from just how enjoyable the track is. See Your Shadow know what they excel at, and with “Showdown” they’re putting it on full display, excellent stuff.

–Jason Airy