A slice of true Americana runs through with See Your Shadow’s “Missing West Virginia”. The rest of the band works wonders in further emphasizing the sheer power of his words. With a sense of place, the whole of the track feels heartfelt. Rhythms possess a country ramshackle quality, for they have a degree of messiness and uncertainty. Beyond this, the keyboards weave through the entirety of the whole experience making sure it all comes together in an effortless fashion one that feels ever so real to observe in full.

Vocals rest right in the very center of the entire journey. His voice features a kindness to it, one that has truly lived life to the absolute fullest. Over the course of the experience the evolution of the atmosphere has a heft to it, one that features prominently with every twist and turn. Word choice has an impeccable quality for it makes sure every word is chosen with care. By bringing it altogether there is a grandeur to befall, one that has such tender tones to it. Electric guitar in particular features a fine restraint as it works to further highlight the tone of the acoustic guitar. Done with such dignity the rest of the experience comes to a close as the finale neatly ties together all that came before.


“Missing West Virginia” revels in the incredible storytelling of See Your Shadow for there is a nostalgic twang that defines the atmosphere.