&seb, the young lo-fi and pop artist from the Bronx, has been in love with music since he was 11 years old, when he started singing, playing piano, and calling himself a musician on a regular basis. Later on, he taught himself guitar and started tapping his computer keys to make electronic music. He didn’t know he was doing it at first, but eventually it clicked and he realized he can make music in non-traditional ways. After graduating from NYU, he decided to take his music to the public and released his first single, “New Blood.” “I actually wanted to be a video game composer for my whole life. It wasn’t until after college that I realized that’s not really what I want to do anymore,” says &seb. With immediate gratification from digital numbers going up, he decided to pursue this creative line of work further, hoping to bring the same good vibes to his listeners that his favorite artists brought to him. “Growing up in the Bronx in a latino household had a direct influence on becoming a musician. Being surrounded by music is something I’m now used to, and can’t live without” shares &seb.

His new release, “I’m Okay” has a lower register beat, more like a bass, with vocals to match and an overall Timbland vibe. His songs tend to have more darker tones as he sings about his experiences rather than your standard love song. “I’m Okay” was inspired by a time in which his trust was broken by a close friend. That experience stung and this song is not only a coping mechanism, but a reminder to himself and others that it’s ok to not be okay. “After a friend broke my trust, it took a long time to forgive them. Repeating the words, ‘I’m Okay’ is me trying to convince myself that I am, and that I’m ready to move on,” he shares.

Listen to “I’m Okay” here:

This personal song is bound to be a hit. &seb’s dark tones and deep lyrics of his experiences are what make him stand out among other artists in the genre.

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