Saycille is an independent pop/folk singer from the Netherlands who believes that you should “be your own drug if you want to feel alive.” At the age of 52 with not much music experience, she decided that she wanted to create music, which is how “Wish” was born.

She’s a strong believer that our intuition communicates valuable information with us and about us. As well as about our choices, about our blind spots, about our lives, about threats we face, and about opportunities we have. So it isn’t surprising that she would take a chance on music. That’s just who she is.

Watching her music video for “Wish”, you can tell it’s a simple video for the fact that it looks like someone was just following Saycille around with a camera. But it isn’t about how the video necessarily looks for us. It’s about how it made us feel, and that feeling was happy.

The person recording this video was able to capture all the smiles expressing the pure joy that the people in the video were feeling at the time. They even captured the happiness of the small dog in the video! The way the video was filmed is what made it feel real. Kind of like when you’re watching a YouTuber film a vlog.

Saycille says, “I want to express what’s in my heart, to make way for what’s in other people’s hearts, where I believe we all share the same love for life itself and our beautiful planet,” which she clearly did with “Wish”.

You can find her album, Heartbeat, available February of 2018.

If you love artists like Colby Caillat, Cody Simpson, James Arthur, Vanessa Carlton, and James Bailey, you may love Saycille!

Check out the music video for “Wish” below:

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