Having already released double a-side single ‘Come As The Sun’ not too long ago, Sasha Siem is following up this release by following in the flow of life in her music video for ‘Flower Flower’. 

Speaking about the song, Siem says “This is a song for flow and pleasure. It’s an erotic song — about joy and pleasure and the infinite abundant flow of life. It’s about the freedom of loving and being ‘in the flow.’ Tantric awakening and kundalini are emerging. It’s about being in harmony with oneself and one’s rhythm and with life.”

The visual follows closely in the footsteps of the song’s meaning. Depicting a duo of dancers who perfectly execute the exquisite moves to the gentle flow to the tempo of the track, it seems the music video is as much of a piece of art as the songs audio is. 

Watch the music video to Sasha Siem’s ‘Flower Flower’ below.