Sarantos is possibly the most active singer-songwriter in the music industry right now. Pledging to release a brand new song every month for the rest of his life, the artist has kept up his schedule up until now. This month, he’s released his new single, the fascinatingly named “Every Songwriter Needs To Spend Some Nights Here In Nashville”, so today we’ll be giving it a closer look.

So, what exactly is the song about? Well, if you couldn’t tell from the long and very descriptive title, it’s all about Sarantos’ spreading the secret to becoming a better songwriter that he’s learned from people around him. That secret is apparently to spend a couple of nights in Nashville, where the culture, experience and vibes will allegedly make you a better songwriter.

Of course, it’s all tongue-in-cheek stuff. It’s not meant to be taken too literally, but there’s some truth in  the silliness. Nashville is a hub for all things music, so visiting the place to take in a bit of music history and watch other acts perform live should give songwriters a lot of fresh perspective and inspiration to write new music.

Sarantos himself is an avid fan of Nashville, calling it a magical city that everyone (songwriters included) should visit, and this love comes through in his performance. From the detail in which he describes Nashville, to the hyperbole he uses to hype up the place, it’s clear that he’s very enamored with it. I mean, he did write a song titled “Every Songwriter Needs To Spend Some Nights Here In Nashville” after all.

Musically, the song favors more simplistic melodies and arrangements, but it’s all mixed and performed nicely. We can’t say there are any particular stand out sections here outside of Sarantos himself going to town on the vocals for every single line. He’s the star of the show, and he wants you to know how much Nashville means to him and songwriters everywhere.

So, what’s our conclusion on the song? “Every Songwriter Needs To Spend Some Nights Here In Nashville” is a fun romp, one that’s very symbolic of Sarantos as a performer. He’s someone who performs how he wants, where he wants, and it gives him the freedom to showcase his creativity with songs like these.

Give it a listen if you want a fun time, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to visit Nashville after listening to it and become a singer-songwriter yourself!

–Jason Airy