It’s Halloweekend, which means it’s almost time to start thinking about Christmas. Luckily for us, Sarah Reeves has our soundtrack covered, with her magical, classically jazz-influenced sound.

The More The Merrier EP is the latest offering from recording artist and singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Sarah Reeves. Having signed a contract aged 18, Sarah has worked in the industry from a young age, and her experience has clearly paid off. Stepping out from behind the stars she writes songs for, Sarah is ready to release her beautifully conceptualised EP, The More The Merrier – just in time for the season.


The video for lead single and title track, ‘More The Merrier’ sees Reeves in a timeless garb as the effortless ringleader of a jazz band, performing the song with a smile on her face, reassuring us that the cosiest time of the year is on its way.

With the More The Merrier EP, Reeves creates what she terms to be “my favorite project of my career thus far… After a year that made Christmas hard for many, this year is a time of celebration again. I hope this song brings people together. This is what Christmas is about – welcoming everyone, making traditions and priceless memories.” Priceless memories will indeed be made to the tune of Sarah Reeves’ expert vocals, absolutely guaranteed to get you in the mood for fireplaces, eggnog and Christmas cheer. Not a moment too soon, eh?