18-year-old singer-songwriter ‘Sarah Michelle’ releases her latest Alt-Pop single ‘PDA’ (Public Displays of Affection). The US songstress is known for her wide range of genres and styles that translates to her songwriting, with her roots firmly in storytelling. Her music is personal and deeply emotional, taking stories from her own life and giving them to the world. 

‘PDA’ is no different, the track advocates taking action and letting nothing hold you back from what you want, especially people’s preconceived notions of you. Sarah explains further “The track was inspired by someone in my life who just would not get her nose out of my business. It’s a big middle finger to that person. I wrote it as an angry song but it was really meant to empower myself and now the listener to stay true to who they are and who they love, even if people don’t like it.” 

The theme bleeds into the track with its upbeat drums and driving bassline laying the foundation for Sarah Michelle’s energetic performances which ebbs and flow throughout the track from hauntingly angelic to expressive rhythmic flows laced with attitude. 

The Pennsylvania-based singer/guitarist has been releasing tracks since 2021, since then Sarah has been steadily growing her fanbase while honing in her craft, with influences from the likes of Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Doja Cat. With more tracks lined up for later in the year and the release of ‘PDA’ 2022 looks to be the year where Sarah Michelle comes into her own.

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