Sa’ra Charismata proves once again that nothing beats the power of words. Her new single, ‘Life Is Not About Control,’ is an absolute gem of a protest song. 

The unique melding of 80s synths, varied yet undeniably catchy vocal melodies serve as a medium depicting topics like mental health and anxiety. ‘Life Is Not About Control’ is Sa’ra Charismata’s celebration of life; the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Despite Charismata’s struggle with depression, she came out of it triumphantly. The Swedish-Eritrean singer and songwriter aims to help other people in need and urges everyone to let go. Hearing that from someone who’s been through the darkest of days, Charismata turns her pain into what she describes as ‘protest pop.’ 

Charismata declares: “We all deserve to feel joy and experience the true miracle of life.”