Sandhya is here with her new album “Innocent Monster”, released on May 14th! An innovative rock music album of ten songs, Sandhya’s passionate drive and innovative vision set her apart from her peers. She has worked incredibly hard on this album.

In fact, Innocent Monster started as a project back in 2018 when Sandhya began working together with producer Pete Strobl, known best for being the vocal coach to Eddie Van Halen and his son, Wolfgang. Together, the team completed work on all of the tracks for the album in 2020 but, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, Sandhya had to pivot and learn to final cut some of the vocal tracks at her home. The result is an album that you could say is even better than imagined. There is a rich and vibrant sound throughout, with songs “ Monster” and “Mark Me” showcasing a radio friendly rock vibe which Rolling Stones refers to as the “post genre” era. “Monster” has a rhythmic piano reminiscent of Fiona Apple’s boldness. “Ode to Nick Drake” has a beautiful piano intro, lilting vocals and jazz chords demonstrating Sandhya’s range.

Sandhya’s “Innocent Monster” reflects the way that music has guided her through personal crises in her life, as she tried to escape them by being at the piano. The result is a vivid portrait of life, the ups and downs, the light and the darkness of it all.Sandy Asirvatham – known artistically as Sandhya – is an award-winning writer, musician and music and video producer living in Baltimore USA.


Innocent Monster Track List:

Mark Me
Ode to Nick Drake
Last Two Standing
Lost Child
The Neighbours
Petting Zoo
All Purpose Lament

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