Saint Mars, the international group that spans from the United States to Europe, just released their music video for their most recent single “The Last Dream Ever Made.” This synthpop song encapsulates the shared experiences of band members Marc Darcange and 17 year-old Ohio native, Tryzdin Grubbs. They both experienced bullying in their youth. “‘The Last Dream Ever Made’ makes the connection between his story and mine, as it stretches its timeline between the 80’s where I grew up and the end of the last decade, where Tryzdin had to be taken out of school because of sustained bullying,” shares Marc. “This is a song I had in me since I started making music and the fact that it has finally been given birth thanks to the voice of a young teen of the generation Z sharing the same footprint of social problems has for me a meaning beyond words.” This song means a lot to them, as their music is part of their anti-bullying campaign.

The video is an artistic and powerful representation of sustained bullying, but also that there is always light in the dark. It’s for those who are lost, lonely, or isolated. In the video, directed by Jason Borroso and featuring young actors between 8 and 12 years old, we see a child being bullied both verbally and physically. He feels alone and in the dark. However, one day, he finds a strange mask in his locker. It’s eyes light up when he looks at it and he connect immediately. He finds refuge from his daily life in a mysterious forest, where he takes his mask and runs as far as he can. Eventually he comes to a clearing, where he sees other kids, led by a queen, wearing the mask he found in his locker. He finds his people and no longer feels isolated or alone.

Marc explains the overall message, which is clear in the video: “You are not alone, we’ve been there before and a lot of people have, much more than you think. You are what you are for a reason. You are on a mission. You can be an inspiration for all of us. Follow your dreams and never give up. Don’t listen to haters, moaners or naysayers: your life belong to you and you were given all the keys but you are the only one who can use them. And if you do, the doors will open.”

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