Said The Whale have earned their place in the Canadian music pantheon. They’ve won a JUNO Award, topped the alternative radio chart, and amassed a devoted base of fans who affectionately describe themselves as SaidHeads – all the while maintaining their resolute independent spirit. Now, more than a decade into their career, the Vancouver group are opening their most ambitious chapter yet.

Following on the heels of “Honey Lungs,” Said The Whale‘s first release of 2021, “Everything She Touches is Gold to Me” is about singer-songwriter Tyler Bancroft‘s first date with his partner of 11 years on Sunday November 15, 2009. A simple love song about the excitement and anticipation leading up to something you know is going to be good, “Everything She Touches is Gold to Me” is classic Said The Whale – simple, relatable, and catchy. It oozes love and joy.