It’s not everyday that you listen to an artist and realize they’re an alien.

For S.m.S, an extraterrestrial being who crash landed here on Earth, his mission has been to find out why he was put here on this planet, and he’s doing it using his talent and musical ability. With each of his recent releases, he tackles a particular human experience, and helps each fan and follower to find the silver lining, and the light at the end of the tunnel.

In his latest release, “I.M.F. (In Mental Fitness)”, S.m.S motivates his listeners to focus on their mental health. The track is upbeat, pop-y, and exciting. Meant to get his listeners up and out of their seats, S.m.S’ intention was to get people excited about life, and ready to accomplish anything.

Interestingly, S.m.S wrote this track at a time when he was feeling the complete opposite of the message of the track. He was in a dark and depressive state, and has written the lyrics almost as if his heart and soul needed to hear this song.

Although it’s a rare occasion that we listen to an Alien spit facts on an incredible beat, S.m.S has completely surprised us with his unannounced visit to Earth, and we are so happy he’s here. with each song, we feel more and more motivated, listened to, and loved. And for us, that is the reason he is here.


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