Ryan The Son has definitely moulded himself as a singer-songwriter who has experienced a life of music and passion. His debut album ‘Timeless Present’ lives up to the title, and it’s a breathtaking body of work from the young troubadour. He seems to find a sort of rhythmic poetry with his craft, and his lead single taken from the album, ‘Found’ typifies his signature sound and the genres he can go between so gracefully.

Opening with an indie twang of a guitar line, Ryan’s vocal then enters and holds the stage immediately. His lyricism and melodic hooks set him apart, with his influences varying from Drake to Phil Collins shine through. It’s catchy, yet meaningful pop music with an r&b undertone that’s ever prevalent, resulting in a mesmerising sound that will surely travel far and wide. As the song continues, more elements and changes occur, again showcasing Ryan’s talents. There’s even some funk and soul implemented in moments which elevates the track even further, soaring Ryan’s offering into an artist you must invest in right away.

Ryan explains:

“Timeless Present is a sonic journey into becoming present with one’s self and absent of the pressures of time. The production and song-writing will be both down to earth, yet otherworldly. Simple, yet majestic. Human, yet ethereal. Sorrowful, yet triumphant.