Disjointed piano chords and a drum that sounds like a heartbreak are the first few bars which characterise the introduction of Leo Sawikin’s latest song and music video, ‘Row Me Away’. Add in a vocal melody which jumps around in a way which sounds slightly off-kilter and you have yourself the perfect recipe to begin a song about escaping to newer pastures.


It’s a topic which fits in incredibly well with Leo’s brand of mental-health inspired folk rock, and the visuals are no different. Beginning in a small, dark room and using wonky angles, the video perfectly portrays the unease felt at being in what might be the wrong place. The atmosphere created is tense and oppressive, and it’s only when we move into the second half of the video, at the euphoric chorus, that release comes in the form of sandy beaches and wide open space.


This video is an exercise in juxtaposition, as it perfectly captures the feelings of being cooped up versus finally finding that escape you’ve been longing for. 


Leo Sawikin proves himself a master at capturing emotion in this song, and Howl Peak Productions have perfectly translated this song into visual form in this excellent music video.