It’s here! Oh man, am I excited to share this with everyone. My new album, Drifting, is available everywhere now!

Stream Drifting on Spotify or SoundCloud now.

Listen to “Wonder” – the record’s latest single – on Spotify or SoundCloud, as well.

Remorse, acknowledgement, mental health, depression, flow, drowning in the pressures of life, frustration with the status quo, loneliness, and love.

The story is of someone trying to figure it out, to deal with their issues, to ask for forgiveness of their shortcomings and to acknowledge what was done and to try and move on.I want anyone who may feel alone in their struggles to maybe not feel so alone. I want to help with the stigma around mental health. I want to use my darkness, my issues and my acknowledgement of my shortcomings in a positive way and create something that I am passionate about and proud of.

My hope is that Drifting resonates with you in some way. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out!

Rory Taillon