Hamden, CT — Robert Daniel Irwin’s debut album “Nature vs. Nurture” has just been released. The album is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming music sites, as well as on CD. To listen, click:


“Nature vs. Nurture” is an acoustic blend of vocals, guitars, violin, and piano, with rock, folk, country, and blues influences. The record features 10 original songs, including “Sunday Morning,” “When She Rains,” and “Chicken Farmer Blues,” with lyrics that explore the complexities of life, relationships, and growing older – set against a backdrop of nature imagery. 


Robert Daniel Irwin is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist from Hamden, Connecticut. He teaches high school English in Meriden, Connecticut, and previously worked in the publishing industry in Berkeley, California. 


Rob’s daughter Indigo Irwin sang harmonies on multiple tracks, and a few friends sat in for sessions, including Charlie Mansour (piano on “When She Rains” and “Traveling Through”; harmonica on “Chicken Farmer Blues”), Jim Sirch (Irish whistle and bodhran on “Honeysuckle Rose”), Willow Sirch (violin on “Sunday Morning” and “Get Up”), and Matt Terribile (backing vocals and percussion on several tracks).


All songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ace Tone Productions in Bethany, CT.




and the album “NATURE VS. NURTURE”


Robert Daniel Irwin grew up in Connecticut, went to the UConn, and after seven years in northern California where he went to graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley, returned to Connecticut where he has been teaching high school English for the past eighteen years. Prior to becoming a teacher, he worked as a book publicist and editor. He has been an adjunct professor of education at Quinnipiac University, has been a volunteer coach with the Hamden Soccer Association, and serves on the board of directors for the nonprofit Hamden Land Conservation Trust. Rob lives with his wife Shelby and their two daughters, who attend the Hamden public schools.



When playing in a rock band didn’t work out, Rob chose instead to channel his energy into writing original songs and recording an acoustic album on which he sings and plays guitars: a Martin D-1 and Gibson Hummingbird Pro, as well as a Martin twelve-string (especially notable on the track “That’s the Way It Was”). With songs ranging from inspiring ballad (“Get Up”), to country blues (“Chicken Farmer Blues”), to crooked love song (“Sunday Morning”, “When She Rains”), and even lullaby (“A Tired Lullaby”), Rob displays a songwriting and musical style sometimes reminiscent of John Prine and other times of John Mellencamp. Harmonizing and vocal layering on tracks such as “Gravestone”, “That’s the Way It Was”, and “Traveling Through” provide not only musical complexity but also depth to the stories Rob tells. His lyrics often explore the contradictions and dualities of life, sometimes nostalgically: “Your pocketwatch tells the time. / And my birth year on a dime / Reminds me even children have a past.”, or defiantly: “I never did take folks’ advice, so I’m living someone else’s life. / Raising kids, instead of raising glasses and hell.”


Many of Rob’s songs tell stories that include childhood memories and explore the complexities of relationships as we get older. In the track “Gravestone”, for example, Rob weaves personal recollections of the people he has lost with the universal desire to understand and reconnect with our past; in “Horses in the Yard” he playfully expresses the need to slow down and embrace our imperfect lives.

The album “Nature vs. Nurture” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Terribile at Ace Tone Productions in Bethany, CT.

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