noelle wowed us with her sultry, signature, love inducing style in ‘Therapy’ & ‘Forever Yours’ and then moved into more delectable  jazz tones for  ‘Seasons Change’, accompanied with a stunning Hollywood glamour-esque visual. To end the year she took it up a notch, harnessing her ever- growing power with most recent single ‘Hope You’re Happy’. Leaning towards a more upbeat  sound than previous offerings, this single allowed us to witness another side to the young artist, filled with a welcomed sass and bold, emotive and impassioned lyrics to boot!

Now, as the story comes full circle, noelle presents her 6 track album ‘30k’, which includes 2 new previously unheard tunes, the single ‘30k’ and ‘Hate That I Miss You’. The perfect additions to round off an exceptional debut album that includes a little bit of everything, all whilst staying true to her unique  sound. With ‘30k’ overflowing with poppy, punchy synths and rhythms that are sure to make you bop it’s  filled with self assurance and confidence, a certified Tik Tok banger just waiting to take off.  Whilst ‘Hate That I Miss You’ is a beautifully emotive, heartbreaking offering that builds into epic heights, giving the listener a cathartic release.

No stranger to tackling her own experiences head on within her songwriting, noelle details situations and experiences that are so frequently felt but not often talked about, relating to her listeners and providing them with a deep level of understanding and also, perhaps most importantly with a method of release and healing – her music.

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