Another return for the mysterious singer/songwriter, producer, award-winning director and social activist Freddie Fiction. Unveiling his first release of the year with his latest single ‘Lie To Me’

With its unforgettably catchy chorus that will stay with you forever, ‘Lie To Me’ is an irresistibly charming love song with flairs of vibrant dance-pop. Buried underneath perhaps not everything is as it seems.

Freddie explains the music video, “The music video shows a pilot crashing into the snowy peaked Himalayan mountain ranges. He knows that he is hundreds of miles from civilisation, and out there in the cold without provisions, he will likely die. However, in his mind, he conjures up an alternate reality. He visions himself on a sun-drenched beach with a beautiful woman.”

Writing and releasing his music under this alias of Freddie Fiction, Freddie aims to help keep the focus on the music. Freddie regularly creates deeper meanings and messages rooted throughout his music, allowing the listener numerous different ways to listen. This experience of listening always entices you back for whatever mode you’re in.

As an activist Freddie tends to combine his lyrics and his songs with socio-political messages the predecessor ‘Lie To Me’, ’Avenger’, focused on celebrating the powerful women in his life. And, his 2020 hit ‘Just Let Me Breathe’ centred around the events of George Floyd and the BLM movement.

You can stream Freddie Fiction’s latest single ‘Lie To Me’ via the link below: