“Aspire to Greatness,” the new Hip Hop single from Jusme Da One is all about his own journey to find greatness in himself. “The message that I wanted to convey with this song is that no matter what you’ve been through, greatness is within each of us,” says Jusme Da One. “You have to Aspire to Greatness no matter the obstacles to be who you’re meant to be.”

While Jusme Da One has been part of his grade school band, high school jazz band, and a drummer for many churches in his early years, he never really felt he could commit. It was a hobby for a good part of his life. He would write as an early teen and for 20 years after, but never put it out there. Now, he’s ready to take the next step and achieve his true calling.

“Aspire to Greatness” is his first single from his upcoming album, Aspire to Greatness. This track has a cadence, production level and swag that you’d only find in the industry’s biggest records. His lyrics are inspired by his own journey to aspire to his own greatness. He shares that “the writing process was a challenge because of the personal content that I share throughout the song. Writing this song made me feel very vulnerable.” He’s not wrong. This song is all about how he overcame personal obstacles, how he wants to rise up and defy the odds.

“Aspire to Greatness” is out on Soundcloud now. It’s a must listen and a wonderful precursor to what Aspire to Greatness has in store for us.

Listen to “Aspire to Greatness” here: