The Illusive and mysterious German electronic, singer songwriter and music producer Edwin Rosen has returned with his debut EP, the electrifying, dance inducing and synth laden, „mitleerenhänden” .

At just 20 years of age and over the course of his 2 year musical career so far, spanning over 5 single releases since 2020, we have borne witness to the incredible trajectory of Rosen’s musical journey. Catapulted from a relatively unknown bedroom producer to a highly popular and respected musician, Rosen’s fanbase is increasing by the minute. Clocking well over 7 million streams for his single ‘Leichter//kälter’, with each and every one of his other 4 singles holding well over 1 million streams respectively. Recently setting out on his first tour in August 2021, (including his first ever live show) all 7 dates sold out within 20 minutes. 

Earlier this year it was clear to see the spark Edwin had stirred in the underground German music scene. Now as we come to the end of the year and his debut EP release, „mitleerenhänden” the flames for this young musician are fully aglow blazing the way for a 2022 full of endless possibilities.

Solidly taking the German music world by storm and rising to recognition with no label, promotion or marketing plan, Edwin has already faced the impossible. Now raising his gaze, his sights are set on the rest of the world and Berlin was just the beginning

„mitleerenhänden“ which translates to empty handed is an EP about coming to terms with things not going the way you expected them too, about things ending too quickly and about the last hope that remains when all seems lost.


The title track is about feeling like no matter what you do it just feels like it is not good enough, which leaves you feeling alone with nothing left to give.“ – Edwin Rosen

Edwin is primed to announce his next set of live shows in 2022. If the last tour is anything to go by, you’ll need to be quick as a flash to snap these up. Purchase here.

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