British newest one-to-watch singer/songwriter Allegra returns with a new seductive single, ‘He Ain’t You,’ that illustrates holding onto old memories from a broken relationship.

The theme of ‘He Ain’t You’ derives from a familiar territory for too many of us. Moving on means letting someone new into your life, and it is natural to compare to what was ‘home’ once. Allegra perfectly summarises the ongoing mental battle while making a sing-along, pre-drinking, after-party must-play.

Listening to ‘He Ain’t You,’ a fan of Allegra, will instantly realise her gravitating towards a more pop sound, letting her vocals take center stage. She also utilises a storytelling style of descriptive songwriting that helps to visualise the track as a movie.

There has been substantial growth and improvement since Allegra’s past releases, such as ‘All About Us’ or ‘If You Wanna Love Me.’ ‘He Ain’t You’ suggests the singer has found her sound and is ready to explore how far she can take it.