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Today, Catherine McCandless (formerly of Montreal duo Young Galaxy), announces her debut solo project. Stream “Spirit,” McCandless’ first single as Riches, via your preferred music service now.


 An immersion into the “contortions and repetitions” of creative rituals, McCandless describes the spirit within the song as “a kind of demon, the chaotic entity that inhabits you when you take the leap of faith in order to create something.”


Watch the official “Spirit” music video on YouTube now.


The song’s writing stemmed from a change in McCandless’ creative process, seeking a more conceptual approach after her and her husband, Stephen Ramsay, decided to place Young Galaxy on hiatus in 2018 after releasing six critically acclaimed albums in 11 years.


McCandless spent the next year immersing herself in folk horror films, occult poetry, hauntology, and sample-based music. In the process, she deconstructed her creative identity by exploring questions on the nature of creativity itself. 


Her conclusions, that the repetitive function of art is a form of witchcraft, and that a lifetime devoted to creativity is inherently monstrous, have resulted in her new project, Riches.


As a result, Riches’ debut single, “Spirit,” is darker, more urgent and hypnotic than any of her previous work. Produced by Ramsay, with additional production by Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes, the song was recorded at Montreal’s Breakglass Studios


At the time of writing “Spirit,” McCandless explains:

I had been feeling like my career as a recording musician was threatened and unsustainable, and stepping into our home studio to lay down the vocal felt like it had this fear still fresh in me. Beginning to really sing it made me feel like I could run it off, fly away from it, and be totally washed over by my love of singing completely possessed.


I wanted to create an antidote to combat that feeling of being helplessly swept away by the tides of commercialism, among other things. I had to create the thing that would drive me to unfamiliar, challenging and exciting places.


Riches will continue to release music through 2019 into 2020.

For more information on Riches, please contact:

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