Richard Lynch, Ohio based country musician, made his presence known loud and clear with the release of many hit country songs, and now he’s pushing forward with the release of ‘Think I’ll Carry It On’, a meticulous, true to life and enjoyable collection of carefully curated, style rich songs that will appeal to the country music lover inside all of us.

Spanning over a length of 12 tracks, the album boasts the qualities of being very well developed and close to its origins. Richard combines great vocals and mesmerizing string tunes to create an album that ticks off all the qualities on a country album checklist. The album also does a decent job at giving the listeners some insight into how exactly Richard’s style is, and helps create what is known as a ‘One to One’  connection between the artist and audience.

‘Think I’ll Carry It On’ is exactly what country music fans are looking for, and will appeal to many due to its distinct but well established persona.  It also leaves a lot of room for style maturity and growth which we will get to see with Richard’s future projects. Richard has ticked off a lot of boxes with this one, and has created for himself an asset that will help build and establish his name in the industry.  It’s a good project that will be welcomed by many, and leaves room for wanting more.