Richard Lynch delivers “Grandpappy” with fire and passion. Offering the best of what country represents, the song swings forward with a living, breathing intensity to it. This sounds so visceral, and the production so crystal clear, that it at times feels like you are right there with them. Drums further heighten this sense of power, as does the ragged jagged riffs of the guitar. Placed altogether, they even conjure up imagery of garage rock for there is a fury that seems to inspire them all. Best of all they keep things concise, never sprawling out too far, and the infectious hooks of the track are undeniably strong.

Richard wastes no time bursting right out onto the scene with nary a care in the world. Rhythms are double and triple time as they propel forward in a vast blast. Everything here is burning through from the stellar urgency of the guitars ringing true to the hit of the drums. His voice somehow manages to rise above all of this, in a way that heightens the tension. Every verse plays off the last, and the chaos that ensures feels so refreshing. Holding nothing back they know nothing of restraint, for they capture the gorgeousness of what it means to be completely free. For the final stretch they lets it all become ramshackle in a way that feels specifically earned.

“Grandpappy” touches the very heart, as Richard Lynch proves to have a distinct, rollicking power behind him.