Richard Lynch has been working in the music industry for a very long time now, and as a result he’s made connections practically everywhere he’s been. It’s these connections that have inspired his latest single, “Radio Friend,” a sad and loving tribute to his long time friend DJ Ray “Chubby Howard,” who sadly passed away in the year 2021. Today, we’ll be giving the single a closer look.

“Radio Friend,”  has all the hallmarks and characteristics of a classic Richard Lynch song, with a soft, melancholic tone thanks to the acoustic guitar and an emotional, gruff performance courtesy of Richard himself. All these pieces come together phenomenally well, and they work wonder for a song that deals  with sadder subject matter like “Radio Friend.”

Richard Lynch’s voice fits perfectly in the single, being warm and inviting but tinged with longing and sadness, and it makes for some incredibly potent moments. It’s this genuine emotion that reels listeners in, showcasing a true understanding of how to make something that resonates with the listener. Every line is delivered with gravitas and sadness, and it works great.

The single is also an excellent display of Richard Lynch’s skill when it comes to songwriting. One of the performer’s greatest strengths is his ability to tell a grand story to his listeners, and “Radio Friend” exemplifies this well. Every line hits the intended effect perfectly, and paired with Richard’s gravelly voice it makes for a package that’s impressively demure.

Everything is also produced very well, with the instrumentation separation being excellent and the arrangements keeping up the sadder tone of the song. As with any Richard Lynch song, things are kept relatively simple in order for Richard’s performance to shine more. Soft acoustic guitars provide the song with a sweet mood. It’s both nostalgic and melancholic, and it’s paired with some great piano work as well.

Overall, “Radio Friend” is an excellent tribute song, one that hits all the emotional and somber notes you’d expect it to. It’s a sweet song that works to Richard Lynch’s greatest strengths, that being his vocals and songwriting. It also serves as a heartwarming send off to DJ Ray “Chubby” Howard, one we’re sure he’d be happy with.

If you’re a fan of country music, “Radio Friend” is one song you definitely want to give a listen. We can’t recommend it enough, a fantastic single!

–Jason Airy