Richard Lynch’s “Rodeo Town” carries the torch for country to continue living on amidst outdoor barbecues, summer concerts, football, and what it means to be country.

Ohio Country Music Hall of Famer Richard Lynch has been performing under his brand of country for the past 30 years. Residing in Waynesville, OH, Lynch isn’t a fraud when it comes to the country life.

Not only does he sing country music, so many people love, but his life embodies what it means to be country. Lynch also has the credits to back it up, after recording popular duets with legendary artists like Ronnie McDowell and Leona Williams, as well as Grammy Winner, Rhonda Vincent.

After releasing My Guitar Drips Country on February 12th, 2021, Lynch has continued the legacy of country and the central motif of hard work, especially with the track Rodeo Town.

Sitting just over three minutes in length, the track begins with a guitar passage into a somber verse, with Lynch’s storytelling capabilities taking hold over the tune.

The love story of the track discusses how the woman puts Lynch’s head in the clouds (as said in the Chorus), a nice line anyone who enjoys a good love story will appreciate.

The second verse is slightly more upbeat than the first but continues the sweet nature of falling in love at a rodeo. It can’t get any more country than that, but it’s done so in a way where it feels refreshing.

Besides music, Lynch is the owner of Keepin’ It Country Farm with his wife Donna and is the co-founder of the Love Tattoo Foundation, a foundation that assists with veterans programs.

Given that Lynch works so tirelessly on his farm and with servicemen and women, Lynch understands the notion of sacrifice and the essential nature of giving back to your community.

You’ll see many of these themes throughout Lynch’s music, values that fans of Lynch’s music and general lovers of country will appreciate.

The bridge features an accompanying guitar solo that chooses to not overplay and fits the song well. Repeating the melody as the chorus, it’s a typical rendition you’d heard in a country tune, but it works, why try something different?

Another chorus is thrown upon us, where listeners hear the last line fall back on her lovely rodeo town. It’s a sweet touching song that anyone who has had a similar country love story experience will appreciate.

Since bursting onto the scene over three decades ago, Lynch has had two number one iTunes chart singles, multiple number one New Music Weekly radio songs, number one IndieWorld and Roots Music Report chart tracks, and a Christian Music Weekly Top 20 single.

He’s been in Billboard magazine, the Taste of Country, The Boot, CCM Magazine, Country Music People, and appeared on WSM Radio Nashville, RFD TV, Fox TV, and more.

If you’re a fan of country and what it means to be country, Richard Lynch is undoubtedly an artist you need to take a deep dive. Whether it’s music he released years ago or his latest work, all of it is a fine piece of country tunes.

-Jimmy Garfield