A new single was just released buy visionary goth leaders, The FMs entitled “Eyes Are Suffering”, a track theming their distaste for ignorance and complacency.

The FMs, (femmes, females to males, fuck me sillies), identify as queer, and are constantly androgynously gender bending music, videos, live performances, reality and insanity. Prophetic lyrics and vocals arise from frontman Matt Namer, a silent genius who is trying to make the world a better place, as evidenced by all of his songs.

“Eyes Are Suffering” is a musically powerful and energetic track, easily equipped to change the world or at least some of the universes thinking. It’s anthemic, messaged based, evoking an addictive and compelling urge to listen to it many times. The band celebrates a huge New York following and is now globally recognized, creating an enormous buzz. The group enjoys being known for “wanting to change the world without being dicks”.

An ¬†essential download on all Digital venues, “Eyes Are Suffering” hits you like a giant tsunami, taking you by surprise and shifting all things into oblivion. Keep tuned to this band, big things are going to happen for them.

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