Shaped from Pete Moses’ discovery of his passion for music production, President Street have  toured the UK, obtained a UK Top 5 chart position in November 2019 and even had a tour of Japan on the cards before Covid-19 stopped them in their tracks.


As the world adjusts to lockdown and social distancing, the outfit’s Ash Howes produced new single ‘Something To Believe’ tells the story of overcoming adversity and pain and then seeing a path leading to a future of self-reliance.


Vocalist Ruby opts for a soothing acapella vocal intro before the trip-hop influenced rhythms bubble to the surface to create an electronic-pop audio bath for the listener to bathe in and relax too. The song has a sense of assertiveness without being obnoxious, emotion without being sickly sweet and most importantly a genuine message of hope.


To summarise, ‘Something To Believe’ is filled with relatable themes of belief and faith which seems like something that the world needs right now.