Branded “The James Bond of the Music World”, UK break through artist Sam Stevens debut single “Don’t Cry” might very well turn out to be the pop song of the year. Sonically simple, vocally majestic and tinged with romance, it feels good to listen to.

Themed with the suggestion of unrequited love, the listener hopes for a happy ending, however they never get the benefit of finding outcome. The topic is relevant and relatable, and although there is a hint of sorrow within the lyrics, the melody catches your desire for fun nevertheless. It’s upbeat, radio friendly and bound to be a hit.

The song is no doubt a successful attempt  at a debut solo project, however I cannot wait to hear more from this artist. His vocals are smooth and unique and deep. He’s passionate and emotional, really feeling the song to the highest extent, making one sink into the reality of it all. I’m adding “Don’t Cry” to my playlist!


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