Although I normally do not review covers, “The Show Must Go On” (originally by Queen) reinvented by Allied Artist Music Group’s Rocky Kramer was so spot on that I couldn’t help myself. The Norwegian born, LA-based musician dramatically and emotionally puts his entire heart and soul into the remaking of this Queen classic. He not only successfully tackles the song instrumentally but magically manages to sing it flawlessly. Freddie Mercury is a hard act to follow.

In an answer to isolation Kramer produced not only an impressive cover but a creative video to accompany it. Released a few weeks ago the video has already received thousands of views and has created a strong and flashy buzz.

Kramer began playing violin at age 3 and went on to become classically trained…that is until he discovered the guitar. The multi instrumentalist has recently released his first record, a concept album called “Firestorm”, an autobiography of his rise to fame. His dream was to travel to America and get signed to a label. That happened for him shortly after he arrived in the US. He is jokingly referred to as “a child of the 80’s who was born in the 90’s”, because of his love for music in that era.

Rocky Kramer’s rendition of “The Show Must Go On” is not only super relevant during these times but so passionately charged that it is mesmerizing. Aside from his originally written album Kramer has also produced the legendary Pink Floyd song ” Comfortably Numb”, also a success story.

5/5 Stars

The Show Must Go On was originally performed by Queen on the Innuendo album in 1991. The song was written by Brian May, Freddie Mercury, John Deacon and Roger Taylor.

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Andy Walter.

Additional footage provided by Pexels and Videvo.

Watch “The Show Must Go On” Queen Cover by Rocky Kramer here: