Photo by Columbia SC photographer Sean Rayford

Looking at the innocent photographs of the adorable children Faith and Harry, one would never suspect that the two are musical geniuses, models, advocates, writers, song writers, and vocalists. Following their dream, the two British/American artists are creating a massive buzz globally and nationally with their newest song titled, “Just Be There”.

Written by the two musical siblings the song visits a mature subject about  friends leaving. Although different then their prior songs, “Just Be There” is powerful and thought provoking. The song is performed by Faith who recently won Best Young Female Artist at the Kdub Music Awards. Her raspy mature vocals are enchanting and unique. The song is haunting and inspirational.

The two began learning the violin at age 3 and later learned piano and guitar, while Harry added drums to his repertoire. Harry is already an accomplished jazz pianist at age 12. Although beginning with classical music the two soon decided they liked pop music more. Faith began writing pop songs at age 9 and Harry began composing songs on the piano. The two shortly became little pop star recording artists.

That was not the end of their talents however as the two became music journalists as well. They began contributing regularly to the International Indie Music Magazine and several other publications and teen magazines. If that wasn’t enough the two also raise awareness of the declining music programs in our schools. They raise funds for that cause and inspire young children to learn music and follow their dreams.

“Just Be There” although written by children can be celebrated by any age. I’m looking forward to hearing what is next for these two…..