A new hip artist making a breakthrough for fame, hometown being Lansing, Illinois, presenting Brian Grilli. Brian Grilli has an impressive background of receiving awards and having many opportunities to perform worldwide. This aspect is very impressive because he has significant awards standing behind his name, showing that Grilli is someone everyone should be listening to.


Grilli’s style of music has a few different blends of Country, Blues, and Southern Rock. The guitar is his main instrument that is used in his music. It is very strong, aggressive, and empowering. Sometimes his guitar work could be too empowering over his lyrics, just a suggestion to keep an ear out for. The instrument work in the background is well delegated. However, the consistent and loud instrumentality could be a bit overbearing to people. The equality between the lyrics and musical background have to match up just right to keep reeling the audiences in.


Brian Grilli’s style of music is mainly in the country genre. It is vibrant, lively, sensational. Listening to Grilli’s music brings the imagery of watching him live from the crowd at a country festival. The warm vibe of bodies and nothing but acoustic guitars playing in the background. Brian is labeled with Spectra Music Group since the year 2016. Grilli’s new album released this year, 2018, Deep South Symphony. Heavily incorporating more of a country-rock mixed sound. This album is very loud and embraces his passion in his music. You can feel his emotions through the intensity of his music and feel the music coming purely from his soul. Brian co-produces and recorded his own album. Quite impressive to work and create his own and new debut album. This album is said to be a very personal album coming from Grilli. Explaining why his motions are so intense making sure the audience has that connection with him. Grilli builds a connection through his music to connect with people and really express his past and his embracing his hometown. Grilli’s music uses a significant amount of similes to describe objects in his music. For example, “Like A Glove,” he uses a great amount of similes to describe how a lady is right for him.


Brian has worked with many famous country artists all across the United States. All across the board he has worked with Blackberry Smoke, Levi Lowery, Wyatt Durrette, Brantley Gilbert, and many many more. Brian has himself exposed fairly well in the country world. He is very involved in the community and believes in giving back to the community in any way possible. Brian is very genuine about his work but also with helping his community and staying involved. Brian Grilli was a former United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and an Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran. He had decided to not move further with that career and pursue to share his music across his community. Releasing his music and expressing his thoughts is a way of him giving back to the community. Brian holds his music and his hometown very close to heart which gives his music the rich, raw, and warm feeling.

4/5 Stars