Short on inspiration? Need to hear something uplifting? One listen of Chris Bender’s new song ‘Glad In It’, and you’ll feel a refreshing jolt of excitement and positivity. Coming in during a year that’s been filled with tragedy after tragedy, Chris Bender’s joyously jam-packed gospel anthem will not only get your feet stomping and hands clapping, but have you looking at 2020 in a totally different light. “The enemy wants you to quit/Throw in the towel and say this is it”, Bender croons, but he then states “whenever you get in trouble/Here’s what you gotta say/I will be glad in it”. Over an exciting mix of guitars and keyboards, Bender’s rich, soulful, melismatic voice truly shines here – filled with runs and big notes, ‘Glad In It’ is a bona fide anthem – a spectacle, designed to put a smile on your face. A must-listen section of the song is the breakdown, where beautiful background vocals come in to support Bender’s lead vocals in the climax, as he charismatically encourages listeners to get involved (“Everybody rock/Come on!”). ‘Glad In It’ is a true showcase that demonstrates Bender’s capabilities as a talented gospel vocalist, as well his ability to entertain and lift the listener up with positive messages. “Even on a bad day/I will be glad in it” – and we’re certainly glad that Chris Bender has released this one.

-Fred Effendi