Wyn Starks takes listeners back to those sepia-tinged days of soulful rhythm and blues and brings a certain class and vintage sensibility, along with the sensual and romantic. His recent re-release of ‘Circles’ came about by popular demand; the track already has over a million Spotify streams, and so it was time to start spreading the news across the pond that Wyn Starks is here to stay.



‘Circles’ is a melting pot of old-school R&B, retro pop, and Motown magic rooted in love, acceptance, and inclusion. The track crafts a sophisticatedly romantic atmosphere with a stripped-back instrumental and Starks’ own impressive vocal turn. The track’s accompanying lyric video animates the heartfelt lyrics of this classic ballad and makes them dance around a single figure, who moves in circular motions around a sleepy street nearby a church – it’s both an homage to Starks’ past and an indication of his music’s power to make people want to stand up and express themselves through dance. It’s also an opportunity to admire the song’s lyricism, simultaneously unique and yet universal, speaking to anyone and everyone who has ever been in love.