At the beginning of December, the duo “Almost Sex” packed up a few drums and guitars and hid out in an old building in Warren’s hometown to record their next EP. No drum samples, no editing, no vocal effects other than the room’s high ceilings.

The first single to be released from the upcoming EP, “Rest Up” is an unrushed, happy acoustic track with a lovely storyline, and for the band, the minimal way it was recorded highlights the message of patience and independence that usually only seems to make sense in hindsight.

“almost sex,” is a folky alternative post punk rock indie pop duo that met randomly online in 2020. After collaborating remotely for several months, they met in person and released their first two singles, “Knockoff” and “Charmer.”

The lead singer and instrumentalist for Almost Sex, Nick Louis, is a Brooklyn based multi-instrumental singer/songwriter. A predominant member of the band Night on the Sun, Louis’s work is unique for his ability to blend cross-genre sounds, catchy hooks, and emotive vocals.

H.W. LaSota is an architect and writer who can play a mean cover of at least one song on several instruments. She writes the lyrics, provides harmonies, and various instrumentals for the project Almost Sex.

Listen below: