Reed Mitchell is the rising pop-rock americana artist who is finally giving himself the shot he knew he’s always wanted in music. It was the forced isolation of the pandemic that forced him realize what he really wants and what he really loves. As a newly divorced man, he had to sit with these feelings and he came out with his debut album, Hot & Cold.

He just released his new indie pop single “Hold My By the Shoulder,” a song that uses vocal layering to accomplish the feeling of new love. It’s both separate yet cohesive, perfectly symbolizing what a relationship can be like. “This is the first duet I ever wrote and I had a lot of fun with that,” shares Reed. “I was inspired by the song ‘death bed’ by Powfu, I loved how the male vocal with the looped female vocal sounds. I listened to that song about 1000 times before I wrote ‘Hold Me by the Shoulder.'” The song was inspired by a woman in his life the became very close to and who his album is about.

Vocally, Reed has a Jason Mraz quality. Musically and stylistically, he has an Elliot Smith meets a Lumineers quality. His music is well written and upbeat. You want to listen to “Hold Me By the Shoulder” over and over again.

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