Abel and Rahimah of Red Flower Lake have known each other since they were in elementary school in the 1980’s. While they started dating in high school, their love for each other and their music continues to grow. They are multi-instrumentalists that create music out of their home studio. Over the years Abel made a career out of being a songwriter, a recording studio engineer, and a producer, while Rahimah carried on as a poet and singer-songwriter with a deepening passion for embodied movement – teaching the Alexander Technique as her main source of income. They managed to do many things together like have kids, get married, grow gardens, have a growing and changing animal family and inevitably watch life grow and change. And songs continued to come through seamlessly and naturally.

The name Red Flower Lake comes from Rahimah’s grandfather, he gave her the name when she was a baby in a traditional ceremony meeting. For as long as Rahimah can remember, she knew she would use this name as a prayerful honoring of the dream that was calling to her. When a friend and renowned artist requested they write music for a soundtrack and perform it live at the exhibit at the end of 2019, Abel and Rahimah formally solidified their musical union as Red Flower Lake – bringing renewed energy, curiosity, and inspiration as well as a deepened sense of purpose into their lifelong musical union.

Their new song “Flying Dream” is an electronic pop song with an undeniably new vibe. It’s an experimental piece about what it really means to feel good. They question whether we can take the surreal of our dream, where we can feel the best we’ve ever felt, and make it reality. “Feeling good was the question we kept coming back to while writing and recording this song,” says Rahimah. “We tried different ideas, different arrangements, and different sounds until finally the song began to speak back to us what the basic message was – that the answers to how it feels to feel good are in your body. Just like a dream where you can fly and you wake up feeling a little closer to the impossible being possible, we hope this song can remind you of the magic and power of your truth and encourage you to find out what feels good to you.” 

“Flying Dream” is out now wherever you get music. It’s truly an empowering song that tells us it’s okay to feel good, in fact, we should be feeling good all the time, but unfortunately that’s never the case as we are held back by ideals placed onto us or working in a system that’s failed us. Check out this multi-layered track out now.


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