Bringing together elements of indie, soul and R&B, the new album ‘Muscle Memory’ from New Jersey based, Maryland born Rasha Jay is full of ideas and surprises.

From the acoustic guitar led, Fleetwood Mac-esque opener ‘Fair Chase’, to the electronic R&B beats of the lead track ‘Saturate’, to the intertwining, indie-folk infused ‘Enough’ which carries elements of Beth Orton the album covers a lot of ground across it’s 7 tracks. Often compared to the work of Alabama Shakes vocalist Brittany Howard, Rasha’s soulful vocals topping punchy guitar led backing gives Jay’s music a unique flavour – elements of a varying genres in emotionally affecting, musically rich soundscapes which are packed with depth.

Speaking about the album, Rasha Jay adds: “I wrote this album quickly once I sat down and said “GO” to myself. I simply wanted to return to what I’ve always done, writing what I want, no genres, just give my voice and my perception on humanity. I recorded all songs but one in California and that added to the often-relaxed vibe of the music. This is my first full project since 2019, and I felt like I had nothing to lose. From my open – ended questions on “Would You” to my conviction in “Enough”, these were all real thoughts I had, and I wanted to go down the hole of those thoughts.”

Listen below: