Recommended Tracks: Pressure, Bad Girls, Love Is a Strange Thing For a Girl Like Me.

Captivating with unapologetic lyrics that will make you bow to her ingenuity in the Hip-Hop/rap genre, JUPITER GRAY’s latest EP, “Pressure”, is an item to reckon.

PRESSURE was recorded in Columbus, Ohio, with production assistance by music producer Melody The Ghost based in California. Featuring six tracks, the EP prepares listeners for the content level of Jupiter’s latest notoriety, which tells about her experiences, growth, and of course, her authenticity in sound. Since its release to all major music streaming platforms, including; Spotify, the album has received general acceptance from many Hip-Hop lovers for its originality and defying sound.

Quite expected to be one of the next forces in the widely male-dominated and transphobic genre of hip-hop, Jupiter has been focused on making alluring tracks since her debut project “Flowasis” in 2018. On her latest EP, she features collaborations with New Jersey rapper Heather Hills, Florida’s 99, and Chill Smith, who produced “Pluto” (Track 6 on the album). Listening to “Pressure” introduces you to a whole new experience in Hip-Hop music. The first track, “Pressure”, displays how able the rapper can flow on hardcore rap beats with the fire that you can easily know when you listen to this song. The track “Bad Girls” featuring Heather Hills is yet another masterpiece of modern production that features a trap-like beat that is just infectious. This song will make you fall in Love with the realism of Hip-Hop.

While the fifth track, “Love Is a Strange Thing For a Girl Like Me” follows like a rhythmical piece that describes the whole concept of Love in its entirety.

To listen to all six tracks off “Pressure” EP, check out Jupiter Gray’s Spotify using the link attached;   4

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