The ever prolific country singer-songwriter Randy Seedorff is back once more, with his new single “Never Alone”. It’s a refreshing take on the country genre for the artist, so let’s give it a more thorough look.

From its very first notes, “Never Alone” sets itself apart from its country contemporaries by adding some rock influences into the mix. It’s not a new concept of course, but it’s a refreshing change of pace for Randy. It results in a tune with an imposing and aggressive presence, a stark contrast to your typical Randy Seedorff track.

The slamming rock country song also carries a surprisingly upbeat message of hope and resolution. As Randy bellows his lyrics with bravado, he tells listeners to stand up and face their problems instead of look away, as you will always have someone or something with you to help you, and you are never truly alone.

This message of solidarity is an especially important one nowadays, and it’s right in the ballpark of Randy’s brand. It fits in perfectly with his usual style of writing, filled with inspiring lyrics and fun ideas. An artist like Randy has always had a big focus on motivating others, so it’s nice to see him apply that even with a roaring new rock styled backing track.

For someone who has been writing and performing country and bluegrass music for over 30 years, we’re happy to see that Randy still has some new tricks up his sleeve. The triumphant marching drums and dominating guitar riff give the song a lot of personality, and makes the whole tune a very memorable one that you’ll find yourself humming many days later.

If there’s any negative to be had, it’s that the song doesn’t change too much throughout its runtime, but it’s a minor gripe. The raging guitars keep it fun throughout, so we can’t really complain at all.

Randy makes yet another strong impression with “Never Alone”, a huge accomplishment for an artist who’s been performing for such a long time. Constantly reinventing himself is a common theme for the artist, and we can’t wait to see what other tricks he’ll have for us next.

–Jason Airy