Randy Seedorff is a well-known veteran singer/songwriter in country and Christian music circles. The Kansas City local, on top of being a singer and songwriter, is also pastor. It’s these experiences that Randy puts into his latest EP, ‘Begin Again’, a heartfelt and meaningful project about life, and the progression of it all.

Now, Randy Seedorff is no stranger to music, he’s a veteran in the industry and has plenty of experience with songwriting. The man has been writing and performing music for more than 30 years, mixing his rock and roll sensibilities with powerful vocals. 

This is reflected in the album, with a big, sweeping and expertly crafted soundscape and a grand, almost nostalgic feeling to it. Take for example the song ‘Family Tree’, a very sweet and pleasant song about the good old days spent with family. The lyrics are very well written, and paired with the gravitas of Randy’s vocal delivery manage to transport the listener into the exact frame of mind the album wants you to be in.

This extends to the rest of the album as well, with every song hitting big and meaningful themes that, together, form a very insightful whole. It’s a wholesome album bursting at the seams with positive energy and cheerful tunes. Listening to ‘Begin Again’ will undoubtedly lift your spirits; that’s just the type of album it is.

That’s not to say that all the album has, is good vibes, however. Musically, there’s a lot going on here. As previously mentioned, the soundscapes here are huge and sweeping, matching the ideas the album is going for. That’s paired with the EP’s great arrangements and melodies that rhythmically bring the album up to greater heights.

It’s an excellent piece overall. One that gets an easy recommendation from this writer. It’s fantastically done in a lot of ways, and it executes everything it sets out to do perfectly. ‘Begin Again’ is the sort of EP that can only come around from experience and insight, things that Randy Seedorff is well seasoned in. We’re really looking forward to what else he has in store, and we hope it’s as good as what he’s shown off here today.

–Jason Airy