Raimie retraces the spirit of music’s past with his tantalizing blend of Indie and Hip Hop. His latest release to hit the streets comes in the form of the EP, “Sunroom 83,” which you do not want to sleep on. Everything about “Sunroom 83” completely lets loose.

By far the highlight comes from the insistent lyrics that rise above the rest of the sound. Infinitely catchy he knows how to craft some fine hooks. Raimie goes for a propulsive energy. Production is key for he makes sure that the multi-faceted, multi-layered strategy absolutely consumes the listener whole. The opening track of the release “Who Told You” starts the experience off with such an energy. I am reminded of my own favorite summer jams of the mid-aughts for there is that emotional outpouring, one that feels doubly refreshing.  

Though unlike many of his peers, Raimie possesses a compelling delivery which helps accentuate this accomplished sense of storytelling, with neither attribute having to compromise. With a stunning cadence, you’re obliged to pay full attention to every lyric, which constantly feels more impactful than the last. While maintaining a fairly consistent delivery throughout, there are occurrences where he injects some innovation into his verses, which you’ll hear on each track.

While his tight, impeccable flows and demanding presence ensure his high standards are maintained throughout the album, Raimie’s selling point most definitely lies within his witty persona and brilliant lyricism. Raimie has settled on a winning formula with his latest EP, with the sensual, charismatic melodies extracting the most out of his exceptional vocals. These tonalities inject life into the release and make him an artist that you will want to hear more of.

Ultimately, this ability to acquire elements from some of the greats, while also remaining completely unique, is what make’s Raimie’s verses so infectious. “Sunroom 83” serves as an enthralling experience, with Raimie’s diversity and skillful pedigree forging an album with unique qualities.  This wisdom and maturity, coexisting with a sense of hunger, ensure “Sunroom 83” exists as one of Raimie’s most compelling releases to date.

Across consistent verses, full of emotion and introspection, his new sense of appreciation is conveyed over some glossy, luxurious instrumentation, ultimately making for an album which is both assertive, yet soulful.