New York songstress Rachael Sage has released the official music video for her latest single ‘Cave’ which is taken from her new album ‘Character’ which is out now on her own label Mpress Records. 

The video was directed by Michael Flanagan, produced and edited by long-time collaborator Nick Clark and animated by Daniela P. Solomon who created a playful animation to bring Sage’s handwriting and signature squiggles to life. This allows the viewer to take a trip through Rachael Sage’s psyche as the screen lights up with her gorgeous calligraphy and artwork.

The string arrangement combined with the accordion does give it an Eastern European sound and compliments her soothing voice. The song came about after Sage re-discovered an old lyric journal at a time when she was recovering from cancer and leaving something of a co-dependant relationship. The melodic acoustic guitar constructs real warmth throughout the video. 

Overall, ‘Cave’ is an emotionally powerful track with creative visuals and is a testament to the strength of Sage’s own character.